No hibernation (at the moment) 

Tour in Spain

Pilod went on tour in Catalonia at the end of October/beginning of November and it was a warm sort of homecoming, a hit, an unforgettable experience. Check out some videos of our adventures in Barcelona and in the house of the new Spanish revelation Black Islands

Video Indies keeping secrets, Barcelona
Video Tus muertos Fest, casa black Islands, Navès
Video Fuck & Young @Ultra local Records, Barcelona
Event 22/11/2014 Soldier Six + Swingers + Pilod
Last weekend we organized a DIY festival in our hometown Leuven for the second time. For this occasion we invited Soldier Six from Brussels and Swingers from Di Rupoville (Mons). It was a wonderful evening and the first concert of our new drummer on Belgian soil.
Check out the pics on our facebook wall.
New drummer Geert
Indeed, Valerie left and Geert joined the band and played his first concerts with Pilod in Barcelona. Geert is not female, but knows to play the drums and we thought this might be the most important requirement to play with Pilod. With Geert we started working immediately. We’ve already planned some recordings at the beginning of January to tape a new single that might sound familiar. And finally it is about time to write some new songs.

Upcoming concerts
2 weeks ago Pilod got his first booking for a summer festival (2015). At the beginning of 2015 we play a few shows in The Netherlands. First we have some other interesting gigs to come. Check out our concert agenda!

Hibernate: disconnect my precious heart, my stubborn head 

Today, just some days before the fall season, we offer you our third video clip “Hibernate”. Last year, just some days before the end of the recording sessions of our album Sunny Forecast, we totally transformed the initial song to a more psychedelic version. We chose this song because we think it illustrates the range of songs on our debut album. The meaning of this song coincides with the departure of our drummer Valerie. Many thanks to Yves Peeters from  for using his artwork skills making the video. Also thanks to Claire De Koninck, who Yves worked with.

Pilod goes Barcelona! 

As you know, Valerie is leaving Pilod by the end of the year. But before really going separate ways, we proceed with the planned mini-tour to Catalonia. So, Pilod is playing live in Spain at the end of October in Barcelona and November 1st in Solsona, on the foothills of the Pyrenees.

These are the venues:
30/10 Slow/Barcelone with 9M Lied
31/10 Ultra-local Records/Barcelona
31/10/2014 Secret show/Barcelona
01/11 Festival/Solsona with Black Islands

Yes, we look forward to these concerts!

Valerie is leaving Pilod in 2014 

Today we announce the very sad news that Valerie is leaving Pilod by the end of the year.

Although musically everything went smoothly and the collaboration went successfully, the different levels of ambition in the band became difficult to synchronize. We decided the best solution was to start looking for a new drummer. Valerie leaves the band in friendship and with full understanding.

All fixed concerts will be played with Valerie until the end of 2014.

Frederic and Christophe are starting with auditions with candidate drummers, not trying to compare too much with Valerie.


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