Pilod goes Barcelona! 

As you know, Valerie is leaving Pilod by the end of the year. But before really going separate ways, we proceed with the planned mini-tour to Catalonia. So, Pilod is playing live in Spain at the end of October in Barcelona and November 1st in Solsona, on the foothills of the Pyrenees.

These are the venues:
30/10 Slow/Barcelone with 9M Lied
31/10 Ultra-local Records/Barcelona
31/10/2014 Secret show/Barcelona
01/11 Festival/Solsona with Black Islands

Yes, we look forward to these concerts!

Valerie is leaving Pilod in 2014 

Today we announce the very sad news that Valerie is leaving Pilod by the end of the year.

Although musically everything went smoothly and the collaboration went successfully, the different levels of ambition in the band became difficult to synchronize. We decided the best solution was to start looking for a new drummer. Valerie leaves the band in friendship and with full understanding.

All fixed concerts will be played with Valerie until the end of 2014.

Frederic and Christophe are starting with auditions with candidate drummers, not trying to compare too much with Valerie.

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